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Medical Trolleys

Due to the modular structure these trolleys are extremely versatile allowing them to be individually tailored to meet all possible medical equipment applications whether it be anaesthesia, surgery, intensive care, clinics or the laboratory.


uni-cart is the ideal entry level cart where space is at a premium and a small footprint is required.       Learn More


pro-cart has limitless configuration options and can handle payloads of 80kg / 176lbs.  Learn More


The classic-cart offers virtually limitless options for expansion and upgrade.    Learn More


The mobile vexio-cart is available in a "basic" and "professional" version and comes in a slim design.  Learn More


compact-cart covers all options from a basic entry model to the specialist cart designed to meet maximum requirements. Learn More


endo-cart has been developed especially to meet the demanding challenges in the area of the ERCP and endoscopy.  Learn More

Components and accessories

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