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uni-cart RS.4801

This entry level model is primarily intended for relatively simple configurations.

uni-cart basic version RS.4111

This entry-level model is similar to the RS 4801 being primarily intended for relatively simple configurations. The RS.4111 displayed is also fitted with an additional shelf and power distribution panel.

uni-cart Rollstand for Philips IntelliVue MP5-70/ MX600-800. RS.4903.800

The basic frame with 5 stabilisers is ideal for centrally positioned payloads, e.g. attachment of a monitor holder, infusion stand or a gas bottle holder etc.

pro-cart basic cart PT.5000

The pro-cart PT.5000 is the basic version equipment trolley comprising of two shelves, a handle and casters.

pro-cart basic cart PT.5001

The pro-cart PT.5001 equipment trolley comprises of the basic cart with a single shelf, one drawer unit, a gel bottle holder, castors and handle.

pro-cart PT.5004

pro-cart PC cart. PT5004

pro-cart video cart with isolating transformer VT.4311

Video system trolley with a 1200 VA isolating transformer. The unique design coupled with custom made aluminium extrusions provides maximum strength and stability with a lightweight construction.

pro-cart PC cart with isolating transformer VT.4312

System trolley with 660VA isolation transformer.

classic-cart basic cart. GW.5210/6210

Classic cart frame with three shelves incorporating a handle and drawer unit.

classic-cart basic cart. GW.5302/GW.6302

The classic-cart frame structure fitted with four shelves and complete with handle and drawer unit.