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endo-cart basic version (with extended vertical extrusions). EC0416

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The endo-cart basic frame with extended vertical extrusions features a high load capacity and stability. The base unit accommodates the vertical extrusions and the centre shaft. The spacious power columns permit integration of all standard socket strips over the entire extrusion length and protect electrical cabling against any unauthorized access. They also permit separate management of data lines and power cables as standard.

Decorative trims in the vertical extrusions facilitate individual design options to match corporate identity. A powerful isolating transformer up to 1600 VA can be integrated in a space-saving solution with/without insulation monitor. Alternatively, rear panels and a foot switch shelf can be accommodated.

Basic frame, 30 U + 10 U (1 U = 32mm), with an overall height of 1117mm, extended vertical extrusions and an installation width of 1100mm, fitted with:

  • 4 twin swivel castors Ø 125mm, conductive, 2 with wheel locks
  • 2 extended vertical extrusions, each with 2 tapped strips
  • 2 power columns as mounting for socket strips and cables
  • 1 centre column as cable duct
  • 2 decorative trims
  • 1 continuous upper platform (1100mm x 491mm), each with a handle (left and right)
  • 1 standard runner (length: 1100mm) for mounting accessories
  • 1 block of drawers (W 500mm), 2 units
  • 4 shelves (W 500mm)
  • 1 shelf (W 500mm), pullout
  • 1 foot switch shelf
  • 1 isolating transformer 1600 VA
  • 1 endoscope holder
  • 1 drain glass
  • 1 multipurpose box (5 boxes)




  • Capacity: 150kg / 330lbs
  • Height: 1465mm
  • Width: 1214mm
  • Depth: 625mm