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flexion-port monitor holders

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The variable height support arms flexion-port are available with the new tilt and swivel unit with VESA 75 / 100 Adaption (and spring force assistance). This enables 
  • a payload of up to 14 kg / 30.8 lbs 
  • an acceptance of deep and heavy monitors with no problem with the attachment standard VESA 75 / 100 
  • an inclination of the monitor (upwards or downwards) with the same, low effort an effortless lifting of even heavy screens, due to spring force assistance 
  • an inclination of ± 20°, swivel range of ± 80° and can be rotated by ± 5° (intuitive, simple adjustment of the monitor) 
  • an easy compensation of the inclined position of the display by rotating the holder an easy, reliable and correct positioning of the monitor without additional locking effort. 
  • Settings of the monitor weight are also not required 
As an alternative, flexion-port is also available with the tilt and swivel unit (inclination +/- 15°, pivoting of +/- 90°). The monitor brackets, universal adapter or Philips Table Top Mount adatation (Philips MP5-70 / MX400-800) units are all mounted on this unit. The limit of the swivel range can be adjusted to suit individual situations and the frictional force can be adjusted variably depending on the weight of the monitor. The swivel and tilt unit guarantees future-proof with easy exchange of the monitor bracket - also with retrofitting.
  • Capacity: 14 kg / 30.8 lbs