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vexio-cart ECG cart. NT.5002

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Basic frame with an installation height of 21 E (total height: 832mm), fitted with:

  • 4 twin swivel castors, lockable, Ø 100mm
  • 1 elektrical box in the equipment cart base
  • 1 block of drawers with handles at the side (W 424mm x D 430mm x H 128mm)
  • 1 universal shelf (W 424mm x D 430mm x H 64mm)
  • 1 storage basket, front
  • 1 push handle, rear
  • 1 gel bottle holder
  • 1 holder for suction system „Ergoline / Strässle“
  • 2 cable winders, side
  • 2 hygiene strips, front


  • Capacity: 65kg / 143lbs
  • Height: 998mm
  • Width: 660mm