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Examination Couch - Height Adjustable

The H-U1065/E930 Examination Couch is height adjustable via a pneumatic handswitch.

Examination Couch - X-Ray

The AGA-Power-Lift has been designed specifically for the X-Ray environment with a 1500 x 600mm metal free 15mm top section.

Blood Donor Chair

Blood Donor chairs can be supplied in a range of finishes and with either one or two arm rests.

Transfusion Chair

This model DLS -1065/E has been especially designed for use in dialysis. It has extra thick (90 mm) upholstering for greater comfort during the lengthy periods of lying that dialysis requires.

Massage Bench - Standard

The SFK is the basic massage bench and although not equiped with height adjustment it can be supplied in four different fixed heights.

Massage Bench with Electric Height Adjustment

The H-SFK-E 65 massage bench has an electrically operated height adjustment which is controlled via a manually actuated pneumatic switch.

Massage Bench with Hydraulic Height Adjustment

The H-SFK/Y 65 massage bench has an hydraulic height adjustment which is controlled via a manually actuated foot pedal.

Massage Bench - Portable KOBAFLEX Model

The KOBAFLEX is portable folding massage bench that can be supplied with either a two or three piece top section.

Massage Bench - Portable MASAFLEX Model

The MASSAFLEX portable folding massage benche is ideal in the field of athletic massage, home visits and physiotherapy practices.

Tilt Table - High Speed KT-1060/EE

The KT-1060/EE is a high speed tilt table used in syncopy studies.