uni-cart RS.4801

The single-column uni-cart equipment carrier is ideal where space is restricted. This entry-level model is primarily intended for relatively simple configurati… Learn More

uni-cart basic version RS.4111

This entry-level model is similar to the RS 4801 being primarily intended for relatively simple configurations. The RS.4111 displayed is also fitted with an ad… Learn More

uni-cart Rollstand for Philips IntelliVue MP5-70/ MX600-800. RS.4903.800

The basic frame with 5 stabilisers is ideal for centrally positioned payloads, e.g. attachment of a monitor holder, infusion stand or a gas bottle holder etc. … Learn More

uni-cart with electrical height adjustment. RS.4147/4148

Available with 230V input voltage (RS.4147.XXX) or with 110V input voltage (RS.4148.XXX). Base with an installation height of 35 U 2) and an overall height … Learn More

uni-cart with mechanical height adjustment and laptop holder. RS.4907.991

Payload (mechanical height adjuster): 3-10kg / 6.6-22lbs Basic frame with an installation height of 35 U (1 U = 32mm), a total height of 1305mm and 4 stabi… Learn More